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MGH Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
From basic laboratory investigation to clinical trials of promising new drugs and devices, research at Massachusetts General Hospital spans more than 20 clinical departments and centers across the hospital. Mass General’s research tradition dates back to 1846, when Mass General physicians demonstrated the first use of a general anesthetic, ether, ushering in a new era of surgery without pain. This strong research tradition has carried forward to the present as scientists and clinicians continue to work together to improve the lives of patients through medical discovery.


Christopher J. Standaert, MD Dr. Christopher J. Gilligan, MD, MBA, serves as the Director in the Center for Pain Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, and is an Instructor of Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical School. His original training is in Emergency Medicine and he has subspecialty training in Pain Medicine, where he has focused on pain of spinal origin. Dr. Gilligan’s clinical expertise is focused on the treatment of pain related to disorders of the spine. He also treat patients with a wide range of pain conditions, including cancer related pain, complex regional pain syndrome, and post-herpetic neuralgia. Dr. Gilligan’s research focuses on clinical trials of new interventions, devices and medications for the treatment of pain. Dr. Gilligan is the lead co-investigator for the BOLD Project at Massachusetts General Hospital.


The BOLD Project is supported by grant number 1R01HS019222-01 from the
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)